appstore_badge_eng reflow is a new way to play with your iDevice and the world! Using the real-time camera image, the game abstracts your environment into a black and white level. Let virtual fluids flow on everything that meets your camera's eye. Use whatever you like - friends, objects, pets, strangers - to solve the given challenges in the most unique way.

Play wherever you want - parties, bars, parks, schools, the office - do it alone or collaboratively with friends and colleges. Share your solution pics online via twitter, facebook, email and other services or compete for highscores with players worldwide using Game Center.

Just give it a shot: Level with your world! Now!

While playing reflow you have to change the way you think about playing a computer game. The goal is to guide the flow of virtual colored streams, emerging from sources. They have to flow into similar colored sinks, while possibly being altered on the way by color changers. The level is a black and white abstraction of the real world. You have to alter the camera angle and/or scenery to solve the level - there is no pre-canned solution.

Play reflow with your iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or 4th generation iPod touch. Also check our facebook page:


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  • Share your solutions via twitter, facebook, email and other services.
  • Compete with players from all over the world using Game Center.
  • 80 challenges are waiting for your world, your skills and your aesthetic perception.
  • Full control over image parameters using multi-touch.
  • Particle based flow that interacts in realtime and adheres to realworld gravity.
  • Completely unique game experience that builds upon body, environment and social awareness 
  • Colors and sounds.

Game Hints and Feedback

You can find some valuable tips and support information here.


What the press is saying

A fascinating game that truly utilises your iOS device’s capabilities

Sean Bell, The Telepgraph

iOS augmented reality gaming goes abstract, colourful and funky with reflow

Jon Jordan,

Pose for the Camera and Get Your ‘reflow’ On for iOS

John Polson,

reflow is a game difficult to describe, easy to grasp, and challenging to play.

Julie Kuehl,

developer studio xymatic have created an incredible new way to play with the devices.

Daven Gomes,